What We Do

KO Business Solutions creates workplace efficiencies by providing outsourced staffing/recruiting, inbound/outbound contact center, and Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) for reallocation of current staff and human capital, across all industry segments.

Why We Do It

Back around 2010-2011, having previously utilized staffing agencies in the past due to increased and immediate employment need, Scott and Brianna Nicholson quickly learned the gapping holes in the industry. Although they needed staff and fast, they noticed that the quality of hires among the multiple staffing firms referred to were inconsistent to say the least. Not to mention, brand new staff would jump ship quickly due to communication errors of the job requirements, salary, or other criteria important to both the new hire and the company.

Scott and Brianna felt this disservice to the industry was unfair – to candidates searching for their next career and to the businesses utilizing staffing firms. That’s why they created KO Business Solutions custom scorecard and hiring methodology, which allows transparent communication across all parties while ensuring top talent and top talent potential candidates for hire every time.

Along the way, clients expressed various other business inefficiencies that they just did not have time to tend to. Since Scott and Brianna had created such a streamlined, efficient staffing process, they knew they could help – especially in the call center realm. Having more than 35 years’ experience combined in creating and managing call center processes, Scott and Brianna added Outsourced Call Center to the service menu. KO Business moved then from a staffing agency, to a solutions-based business that creates work place efficiencies based upon the needs of their clients.

Our Mission

Ever-growing and evolving, KO Business Solutions’ mission will always remain:

To utilize our years of Operational and Executive Management experience and tailored methodologies to develop effective business strategies for our clients.  Our blueprint focuses on key areas of process, laying the foundation for employee success; resulting in an increased, streamlined production output for our clients.

Our People

Together as a team, we are made up of some of the most dedicated, passionate, and innovative individuals. Our career backgrounds and experiences may be diversely different but we all share the common goal to produce work of integrity and quality – work that we can all be proud of.