Digital Hiring Tools: Changing the Recruiting Game

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Digital transformation appears to be unstoppable, and it’s definitely affecting recruiting. Without a doubt, we are seeing a process evolution based on digital hiring tools and technologies that increase efficiency and candidate engagement.  In a recent blog, we discussed today’s tough recruiting market and how there are more jobs available than job seekers. For your company and recruiters to stand out, you need an agile hiring process and top notch ways to evaluate and engage with candidates. Using digital hiring tools can help.

Making Connections

The use of video conferencing for interviews is not new, and in fact, it’s almost become standard. It’s an excellent method of engaging with candidates and conducting first interviews, allowing for a visual connection. In addition, video interviews are time efficient for both the candidate and recruiter.

When it comes to making connections – going mobile is key. 95% of Americans own cellphones, and 75% own smartphones. That percentage will only continue to grow. With that said, texting candidates is a totally acceptable technique and there are technology platforms available that utilize chatbots to respond to basic texted questions and set interview appointments. Chatbots can also handle initial pre-screening of candidates for some positions.

Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots are forms of artificial intelligence (AI) and these digital recruiting tools go from the basic to the more advanced. When it comes to sourcing candidates, AI can play a strong role, automating the match of talent profiles and resumes to job description, helping to parse the initial candidate pool.

AI can also launch an email or text to invite the candidate for a screening interview, allowing candidates to select convenient times for interviews prior to any intervention by a recruiter. In today’s digital world, candidates are becoming more used to AI as a hiring tool. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Allegis Group found that 58% of respondents were comfortable interacting with chatbots to answer initial questions, and more than 60% were are comfortable with chatbots scheduling interviews.

Digital Assessments

Another way recruiting is evolving is through the use of predictive analytics, gleaned from digital assessments. These tools measure and validate the specific placement of a candidate.

There are many software and web-based tools available that assess behavior, cognitive skills and predict a candidate’s success in a role.

We are big proponents of using assessments, as they help show how sincere a candidate is about the job they are applying for, they help employers make stronger hiring decisions and reduce turnover. They’re not utilized by all clients – but should be – as they provide a deeper understanding of a candidate’s abilities beyond what is represented on their resume.

While using digital tools and techniques certainly can’t be the only way you connect, using technology can definitely help you streamline your hiring process and stay engaged with candidates.

We’re always searching for ways to utilize new technology and we’re successfully using all the digital hiring tools and techniques outlined here (and more!) in our recruitment efforts each day. If your company is looking to add staff, and you’re in need of hiring help, get in touch, we’d be happy to assist.

4 Winning Hiring Ideas for Today’s Tight Labor Market

Hiring Ideas

With 6.66 million job openings in the United States and only 6.56 million people reporting that they’re seeking work, many of my clients, partners and colleagues are searching for hiring ideas and tips. Finding the perfect employee to hire for your business has never been easy, but lately it’s become a whole lot harder. For three straight months, the number of vacancies at businesses nationwide has topped the number of unemployed people, and this summer, the U.S. jobless rate hit an 18-year low (3.8%).

So, how do you hire the right individual when the labor market is tight? It may sound simple, but the key is to make sure your opportunity is the most appealing to candidates. Job-seekers today have different internal motivations and high expectations for companies.  What’s important is more than the pay rate for many – and almost all are looking for an empathetic and inspiring culture.

4 Ways to Win:

Keeping these four hiring ideas at the forefront, you’re sure to attract the right candidate:

  1. Timeliness: Ensure you have an extremely efficient recruiting process in place. Look critically at how long it takes you from posting, through interviews to offer letter. With more jobs than seekers, the best candidates will be attracted to the most responsive opportunity.
  2. Focus on outcomes: Evaluate key criteria for jobs and role behaviors. Be ready to lift educational requirements if they aren’t totally relevant to the job and determine if specific years’ worth of experience can be replaced by a person’s potential ability.
  3. Training: If you don’t have a robust training plan in place, now is the time to create one and see it through. In a tight job market like this one, you need to hire for a good culture fit, and train for success.
  4. Plan for the future: For every role you’re hiring for, you need to have thought through and documented a meaningful career path and share it during the hiring process. This will stand out to the candidate, and once hired, it will serve as inspiration for the job.

Implementing these hiring ideas will give you an edge that will allow you to efficiently and effectively identify, hire and train candidates who demonstrate potential success given the correct support. And remember, don’t find reasons not to hire someone, look for tendencies in which they might succeed!

Hiring Ideas & Resources to Consider

At KO Business Solutions, we have extensive hiring experience, working closely with our clients in a wide variety of industries to determine what their labor needs are, and how they can bring in the best candidates. We also deploy pre-employment tests and appropriate scorecard systems to measure key attributes.

With a documented scoring system in place, you will feel more confident in opening your search to a broader pool of people who may lack direct, relevant experience, but demonstrate the attributes that will make them productive in the role and a good culture fit. If you’re looking for hiring help, get in touch. We’d be happy to lend a hand.


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