Quite often, we find that the impact of managing communication can be challenging for an organization.  The cost of managing to the ebbs and flows or the need to supplement current workforce demands during high peak times can necessitate outsourcing those functions. We have developed an outsource solution that can be tailored to your unique project, support the on-going operation or compliment certain aspects of most needs (contact strategies, level 1 inbound support).

The effort, time, and costs associated with the loss of one representative has negative impacts on a business from quality of service to a decrease in performance. That impact times 30 or 45 percent can substantially hurt a business.

Break this repetitive cycle and turn your focus instead to stabilizing the ebbs and flows that your call center experiences throughout the seasons. How, you ask. Through utilizing our outsourced call center service.

At KO Business Solutions, we keep a trained, quality staff at the ready for you to plug into your business when needed. We consider our call center an extension of our clients. Therefore, we adopt your performance standards and policies. Our management will work closely with yours to provide a shared, transparent oversight, so that you remain in total control the duration of the time we are plugged into your business.

The end results are abundant, from a high 45 percent turnover rate to nearly zero, stabilized ebbs and flows throughout the year, increased customer engagement, and even, an improved reputation.


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After their new client’s call center in Manila became vastly understaffed due to COVID-19 public transportation restrictions, our client needed to find and deploy over 100 workers in various remote locations around the world quickly. In just 12 days, KO Business Solutions reviewed over 4,000 resumes to onboard 100 top quality hires. Click the button below to learn how we did it.


Mark Schuster, CEO
Mark Schuster, CEO
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My firm, TurnKey Taxes, began working with KO Business Solutions in the summer of 2016. At that time, we needed call center support, had limited funds and had nowhere to turn. Partner, Scott Nicholson believed in our vision and went out of his way to get us set up. Over the next few months, we had an opportunity to engage with other members of the firm. Thanks to them, we were able to gain a foothold in our space and have made very good progress.

We’ve expanded our exposure with KO for workforce management support, back office, research and utilize their expertise for general business consulting. I find their team to be extraordinarily responsive and quick to understand our ever-changing needs.

My business relies heavily on customer support, and through the years I’ve found that those that excel in this area often have high competency levels in all areas of operations and associated skill sets. In addition to these, KO Business Solutions often provided suggestions that have increased performance and more importantly, provided alternative views that others may find too tough of a conversation to have. That type of relationship is invaluable.