Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

KO Business Solutions of Darien, IL is pleased to announce a joint partnership with Indianapolis based EduSource to provide Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

RPA is a way to delegate labor-intensive, repetitive, rules-based computer tasks to digital bots, freeing up the human workforce to solve problems, innovate, and strategize. Not only can RPA bots complete mundane tasks around the clock, they can learn. They can be cloned. They can interact with almost any system or application or website the same way a human user does, as long as the process follows business rules. Digital bots are cheaper, more accurate, and they never get bored or go on vacation.

“I am energized to be able to provide a robust digital workforce solution for our clients.  Maximizing workforce efficiencies and streamlining processes are basic tenets of ours. Partnering with EduSource to provide this solution made total sense.”
Scott Nicholson
Partner of KO Business Solutions
“We couldn’t be happier to partner with a firm that has cast the same vision for RPA. Our experience as a custom software development shop naturally led us to providing RPA development as a critical solution. Our combined goal of providing accessible and scalable services forged a natural partnership.”
Jason Beutler
CEO of EduSource


Darien, Illinois based KO Business Solutions is a workforce management and labor solutions provider offering staffing, project management and customer contact services for a broad spectrum of industries.


EduSource is a custom software and automation company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. EduSource trains the next generation of technical professionals through its hands-on apprenticeship program. Find more information at

Digital Hiring Tools: Changing the Recruiting Game

hiring tools
hiring tools

Digital Hiring Tools: Changing the Recruiting Game

Digital transformation appears to be unstoppable, and it’s definitely affecting recruiting. Without a doubt, we are seeing a process evolution based on digital hiring tools and technologies that increase efficiency and candidate engagement.  In a recent blog, we discussed today’s tough recruiting market and how there are more jobs available than job seekers. For your company and recruiters to stand out, you need an agile hiring process and top notch ways to evaluate and engage with candidates. Using digital hiring tools can help.

Making Connections

The use of video conferencing for interviews is not new, and in fact, it’s almost become standard. It’s an excellent method of engaging with candidates and conducting first interviews, allowing for a visual connection. In addition, video interviews are time efficient for both the candidate and recruiter.

When it comes to making connections – going mobile is key. 95% of Americans own cellphones, and 75% own smartphones. That percentage will only continue to grow. With that said, texting candidates is a totally acceptable technique and there are technology platforms available that utilize chatbots to respond to basic texted questions and set interview appointments. Chatbots can also handle initial pre-screening of candidates for some positions.

Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots are forms of artificial intelligence (AI) and these digital recruiting tools go from the basic to the more advanced. When it comes to sourcing candidates, AI can play a strong role, automating the match of talent profiles and resumes to job description, helping to parse the initial candidate pool.

AI can also launch an email or text to invite the candidate for a screening interview, allowing candidates to select convenient times for interviews prior to any intervention by a recruiter. In today’s digital world, candidates are becoming more used to AI as a hiring tool. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Allegis Group found that 58% of respondents were comfortable interacting with chatbots to answer initial questions, and more than 60% were are comfortable with chatbots scheduling interviews.

Digital Assessments

Another way recruiting is evolving is through the use of predictive analytics, gleaned from digital assessments. These tools measure and validate the specific placement of a candidate.

There are many software and web-based tools available that assess behavior, cognitive skills and predict a candidate’s success in a role.

We are big proponents of using assessments, as they help show how sincere a candidate is about the job they are applying for, they help employers make stronger hiring decisions and reduce turnover. They’re not utilized by all clients – but should be – as they provide a deeper understanding of a candidate’s abilities beyond what is represented on their resume.

While using digital tools and techniques certainly can’t be the only way you connect, using technology can definitely help you streamline your hiring process and stay engaged with candidates.

We’re always searching for ways to utilize new technology and we’re successfully using all the digital hiring tools and techniques outlined here (and more!) in our recruitment efforts each day. If your company is looking to add staff, and you’re in need of hiring help, get in touch, we’d be happy to assist.