From 4,000 resumes to 100 hires. In 12 days.

How our remote sourcing model during COVID-19 answered the call.

The Task

After their new client’s call center in Manila became vastly understaffed due to COVID-19 public transportation restrictions, our client, Unifin, Inc., needed to find and deploy workers in various remote locations around the world to jump in quickly. Unifin, who provides Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Accounts Receivable Management, trusted us to deliver qualified call center manpower quickly to their banking services client.

With the bank’s understaffed call center being inundated with calls about stimulus checks and transferring money, and wait times verging on four hours, the request for additional call center staff was extremely urgent.

Clint Daoud, Partner, Unifin, Inc.: “The challenge was to be able to source, screen and hire a large number of people quickly. Our business is incumbent on sourcing and hiring quality talent. Since this was a new client for us, it was a chance to impress them with our service. So, for the front-end, recruiting portion of the engagement, we turned to KO Business Solutions because we trusted them to deliver.”

The Tactics

We were charged with sourcing and onboarding candidates domestically. Since we have the ability to issue payroll (another aspect of the engagement for Unifin) in 15 states, that is where we focused our recruiting efforts. Because we have perfected our high-volume remote recruitment process, it went like clockwork:

  • Defined job specs, skill requirements, and pay level, then posted positions online.
  • Received 4,000 resumes in three days.
  • KO Recruiting team began outreach/interviews to gauge interest level and validate experience.
  • Issued offer documents to prospective candidates.
  • For those interested in proceeding, conducted employment personality and basic grammar and math testing.
  • Facilitated another round of interviews.
  • Drilled down list of candidates based on capability, experience, background check and access to personal equipment and systems.
  • Issued final job offers.
  • Prepared final candidates for training and onboarded them for Unifin management to take over.

Clint: “The whole front-end process was turnkey—sourcing, vetting, hiring and onboarding. They worked round the clock, nights and weekends and did a fantastic job.”

Our involvement continues from an HR management and payroll perspective after the initial onboarding. We continue to be a point of contact for the 100 workers we placed and assist in the case of additional training issues, adding ever more value to Unifin.

The Talk

Clint: “I would highly recommend KO Business Solutions. They specialize in volume hires – when you need to bring in 10-20-50-100 agents in a short period of time. It’s a unique talent and not very easy to do.”

Scott Nicholson, Partner, KO Business Solutions: “This was a big, accelerated project. It took organized workflow, strategy and diligence from our team. I’m very proud of them, and confident in the quality of candidates we delivered.”

The Takeaway

For the past 3-4 years, new technology, platforms and tools have allowed us to perfect our virtual recruiting system, including a testing platform, applicant tracking system incorporating an API integration with Indeed, and a sophisticated remote interviewing platform to capture candidates’ responses. . As remote recruiting and working becomes further entrenched after COVID-19, this proven model can save our clients a lot of time, open up their pool of potential candidates in new geographic areas, and deliver superior recruiting and onboarding results.

If you can benefit from our services or would like to learn more, reach out to our Sales Specialists at (630) 230-6766.