I-9, Your Hidden Liability

The intensifying scrutiny surrounding an employee’s eligibility to work, and the I-9 form has highlighted significant compliance risk for employers. The team at KO Business Solutions is pleased to share our partnership with HRD Advisory Group in providing I-9 Assessment and Audit Services.

Recent events in the news and the activities of ICE and the Department of Homeland Security continue to amplify the need for employers to be conscientious of the compliance risks associated with the Federal I-9 form management. Aside from the high-profile raids of employment sites, the warning signs and risks prevail:

  • Surge in No Match Letters Sent to Employers during the Spring of 2019
  • July 2019 3,000 Form I-9 Notice of Investigation sent to employers
  • ICE increasing staff of Junior Compliance Officers for audit enforcement
  • Target focus on industries: manufacturing, hospitality, agriculture, food processing and construction

These factors further challenge employers in combination with the fact that:

  • 42% of all I-9’s contains some form of error
  • Fines for errors can range from $220-$2,291 per error

Performing a review of your form maintenance policies, establishing documented procedures for form completion and an audit of your current I-9 forms will significantly reduce your risk exposure and provide insurance against substantial action in the event of a Notice of Inspection.

HRD Advisory through the expertise of our Talent Systems and Processes practice has launched an I-9 compliance module that offers the following suite of services:

  1. I-9 Assessment and Training for Self Service of Forms
  2. I-9 Audit and Risk Mitigation Program
  3. DHS Review and Notice of Inspection Audit Services

In conjunction with the compliance oversight and training provided by HRD, the work force management team at KO Business Solutions has developed an experienced team of Project Managers and Auditors to support the large-scale efforts of HRD. To find out more about how we might be able to assist you, please contact: Jacop Lucas, jacop@hrdadvisors.com, (317) 396-5001 or Scott Nicholson, s.nicholson@kin-onore.com, (630) 230-6766.

Click here for more details on why you need to conduct an I-9 Audit and the services we offer.