KO Business Solutions is a family-owned business and the first branch of KindredOnore, LLC; (the second being, THR33 Marketing). And now you know – the ‘KO’ in our name comes from our parent company! We laugh because it’s one of the most asked questions we receive… 

“Is it KO or K.O., like the letters?”… “Oh! What does K.O. stand for?”.

KindredOnore is a creative compilation of Irish-Italian. Kindred meaning family. O’nore meaning honor. Together, KO is built upon family honor – our most cherished value, in life and business. Scott and Vickie founded KindredOnore together, as a lasting gift for their children and their children to come.

Along the way, in forming partnerships and working alongside some great individuals, our family honor has spread from just our immediate family to those we’ve grown to trust and admire. We believe that together, we are better. Together, we can create new opportunities – for our community, for our clients, for your business. Together, we can advance your business forward.