New Service Announcement: RPA

KO Business Solutions of Darien, IL is pleased to announce a joint partnership with Indianapolis based EduSource to provide Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

“I am energized to be able to provide a robust digital workforce solution for our clients. Maximizing workforce efficiencies and streamlining processes are basic tenets of ours. Partnering with EduSource to provide this solution made total sense.”

“We couldn’t be happier to partner with a firm that has cast the same vision for RPA. Our experience as a custom software development shop naturally led us to providing RPA development as a critical solution. Our combined goal of providing accessible and scalable services forged a natural partnership.”

RPA is a way to delegate labor-intensive, repetitive, rules-based computer tasks to digital bots, freeing up the human workforce to solve problems, innovate, and strategize. Not only can RPA bots complete mundane tasks around the clock, they can learn. They can be cloned. They can interact with almost any system or application or website the same way a human user does, as long as the process follows business rules. Digital bots are cheaper, more accurate, and they never get bored or go on vacation.

About KO Business Solutions:

Darien, Illinois based KO Business Solutions is a workforce management and labor solutions provider offering staffing, project management and customer contact services for a broad spectrum of industries.

About EduSource:

EduSource is a custom software and automation company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. EduSource trains the next generation of technical professionals through its hands-on apprenticeship program. Find more information at