Temporary, contracted, or otherwise – we have the power to build the staffing model your business requires for busy season. Our experience tells us that busy season is different among industry and company, therefore we’re here to support whichever model works best to advance your business forward. We can be an extension of your company, providing ample support where you need it most – staffing, payroll, etc., OR we can build a team of our own to plug in where necessary! You can maintain as much or as little control as you’d like during your time working with us! It’s all up to you and it’s just temporary.


We’re confident we’re able to help you regardless of industry. Here’s some we’ve serviced:

  • Logistics/Mail/Delivery
  • Retail/Customer Service
  • Tax
  • Resort
  • Festival
  • Tour/Travel

We’re skilled in and able to build a seasonal outsource call center to support any industry- inbound or outbound.

There are many benefits to using a temporary staffing firm, such as KO Business Solutions. Some include:

  • New ability to schedule and support fluctuating staff
    • KO absorbs all time and effort to build and maintain
  • Ability to quickly augment staff to support your efforts
    • Scalability & Flexibility
  • Improve customer retention – if you can’t meet their demands, they’ll find someone else who can
  • Your main focus remains on your bottom line results
  • You remain competitive with competition – because they’re outsourcing

Simple, call us today at (630) 230-6766 and mention that you’re interested in learning more about our seasonal support abilities.


F. Stephens
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I've worked with a few staffing agencies in the past but KO Business Solutions is by far the best. I had the pleasure of working with Arturo. He was very professional, efficient and accommodating. Arturo, provided with me with all the answers and tools that I needed to be successful through this whole interview process. He was knowledgeable and supportive. I would highly recommend KO Business Solutions to anyone looking for employment.
P. Rufo
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KO was very proactive and involved in every aspect of the hiring and training period. Very professional and supportive throughout each phase of hiring and working. Great team!!!!
M. Sanchez
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An extremely professional and pleasant place to work. KO has a wonderful management team, full of experienced and understanding people. Can't wait to collaborate with KO Business Solutions again on future projects. There are great opportunities to be had here. Onboarding process is wonderful and hassle free.
L. Armstrong
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I am currently working as a temp for KO I just started in January, and I love every ones energy the supervisors and all the workers. They are understanding and addicting to reaching daily goals. They definitely feel like my family! Thank you KO 🙂
K. Brown
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Literally the easiest on boarding process I've ever had with a temp agency. I was especially surprised since they are based in another state. Highly pleased and I refer everyone to them. My rep was Heather and literally checked up on progress, time punches, and off days. Congratulated me on my monthly milestones.