KO Business Solutions is a leader in staffing solutions in Chicago, with an expertise in matching top candidates with call center, customer service and financial support jobs that will highlight and enhance their key skills and interests. Hiring is complicated. It requires more than matching an impersonal resume to an open position. At KO Business Solutions, we understand that a job description rarely embodies the detail, nuance and depth of skills required to be a successful member of a well-run team.

Our staffing services are focused on recruiting, vetting and assessing candidates that will best fit your business’ needs. With an understanding that high turnover is a drain on your team’s time, finances and overall cultural well-being, KO Business Solutions prepares individual and/or portfolios of candidates that will be passionate about your mission and vision, and excited about bringing their personality and expertise to your day-to-day operations.


Staffing Services

KO Business Solutions’ staffing specialists will support your HR and operations goals by providing resources that include:

  • Job analysis to determine the core responsibilities and required skills needed to meet your human capital needs;
  • Candidate sourcing and recruitment;
  • Qualifications assessments that ensure a candidate’s skill and aptitude align with your available open positions;
  • An analysis of candidates’ background, measured and assessed using a rubric that helps to evaluate and score candidates’ experience and academic and/or certification qualifications against your stated requirements;
  • Rigorous pre-interviews to establish a strong fit with your company’s culture, and;
  • Curation of individual and high-volume talent presentations, which include a package of candidate profiles that are easily accessible and reviewable by your human resources and operations staff.

We pride ourselves on being a resource in staffing services within three primary industry types: Call Centers, Customer Services and Financial Services.  If you're interested in our staffing services, e-mail sales@kin-onore.com or call 630.230.6766.


Call Centers

KO Business Solutions’ call center staffing experts maintain a qualified pool of experienced call center personnel that are ready for placement at a moment’s notice. We are a human capital resource for staffing talent in positions like:

  • Call Center Representatives
  • Call Center Team Leads
  • Inbound Call Center Agents
  • Shift Supervisors

  If you're interested in our call center services, e-mail sales@kin-onore.com or call 630.230.6766.


Customer Service

Whether your an established business that is focused on maintaining your commitment to quality or a startup that is eager to build and develop your clientele, our recruitment specialists will help you find top-tier candidates that will bring patience, understanding, and professionalism to your customer service operations. Our customer service staffing placements include, but are not limited to:

  • Client Account Managers
  • Collections
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Inside Sales
  • Telemarketing
  • Quality Assurance

  If you're interested in our customer service services, e-mail sales@kin-onore.com or call 630.230.6766.


Financial Services

Our financial staffing recruiters understand your customer service needs are hinged on discretion, professionalism and protecting the privacy of your clients. Given the high level of security involved in managing financial service clients, we are committed to finding candidates that have developed the sensitivity and skill needed to ensure your customers’ know their security is your top priority. Our financial staffing solutions include placements in positions like:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Billing Clerks
  • Collections
  • Loan Origination and Processing
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Claims
  • Mortgage Closing and Processing
  • Payroll

  If you're interested in our financial services, e-mail sales@kin-onore.com or call 630.230.6766.


Resume Design

If you've found yourself applying to multiple jobs, but haven't been able to land many interviews, it could be time to rework your resume.  In today's tight job market, it's important that you format your resume so that it stands out among the 100's (even 1,000's) of others employers are receiving.  A resume isn't just a piece of paper fulfilling the first step of the hiring process anymore.  Today, your resume needs to an extension of your brand.  Your resume needs to show your work experiences, but also how you're THE best individual for the job.  Our design team customizes each resume to the individual and the jobs applied for.  Services can include:

  • Custom Build
    • Includes a complete resume build
    • Suggested if you don't have a resume or would like a complete rework of your current resume
  • Reformat & Design
    • Improves the appearance and style of your resume
    • May include adding color, shapes, elaborate fonts, etc.
  • Content Creation & Revision
    • Includes creating or revising your custom Professional Summary, Skills Section, etc.
    • Includes revision of spelling, grammar, etc.
  • Social Media Extension
    • Includes reviewing your social medias, including LinkedIn, Facebook for professionalism and other specific areas potential employers may search

For a list of prices, please review our Resume Design & Reformat Pricing page.  If you're interested in our services and would like a custom quote, e-mail ResumeDesign@kin-onore.com or call (630) 413-1353.