Case Studies

Talent Attraction and Sourcing​

THE PROBLEM: The pandemic forced a major pivot for a large courier company in Indianapolis, IN. The increase of demand for medical testing and the transport of the test kits, our client shifted their focus on medical deliveries immediately, which required a significant modification in the composition of the drivers. Courier drivers for our client are 1099 contractors that traditionally have the ability to log in and out of delivery schedules. Managing a pool of over 400 drivers, our client desired to transition over 30% of the driver pool, upgrade drivers based upon customer service attributes and required vehicles.

THE SOLUTION: Enter KO Business Solutions. Two key elements came out during our initial discovery session: 1) We determined that there was a total of twenty-six steps in the recruitment and on-boarding of a new driver. KO’s traditional recruiting process has thirteen steps that corresponded to the steps taken by our client. 2) Our client was very interested in defining the key attributes associated with the “new driver.” The use of our screening methodology, validated through scorecards and assessment screenings assisted in substantiating these characteristics. A strategy of divide and conquer emerged in which KO assumed the driver attraction program allowing our client to focus on driver relations. KO advertised, screened and coordinated the compliance checks of each driver. Upon completion, the eligible drivers were passed on to our client to on-board into their driver pool. Over a period of 12 months, KO provisioned over 250 drivers- completing the transition target desired by our client.

THE RESULTS: Simplified a twenty-six-step recruitment process down to thirteen steps. Our screening methodology, validated through scorecards and assessment screenings, redefined the key attributes of a “new driver”. Over a period of 12 months, KO provisioned over 250 drivers.