‘Tis the Season to Outsource

Generally, around the holiday season, companies reach out to outsourcing businesses, like KO Business Solutions, for support due to increasing production demands. This time of the year can generate more inbound calls, delivery requests, and temporary staffing need. Although, outsourcing can be beneficial to a company all year round – which we will discuss in our next blog coming soon, “The Ugly Truth About Recruiters – Part 2”. There are many benefits to utilizing an outsourcing company during the holiday season, but for now, let’s focus on the main three: 1) saves your business money, 2) improves your business’s service, and 3) reduces risk for your business.

Save Money

Outsourcing saves you money by limiting the time you spend as an organization trying to bring in the workers necessary to meet your demand during the hiring process. Typically, an outsource partner will have available staff to deploy to your project. If a partner needs to ramp up to meet your demand, they have the processes and team in place to do it quickly and take it off your plate. Outsource partners can help you defray training costs over time. Outsource organizations have defined training and on-boarding processes that can enhance the speed with which employees become operational. Finally, an outsource partner will help you realize savings based upon employee wages and benefits. These costs are absorbed by the partner. As we mention later in this blog, coupling these savings with the fact that employment risk is assumed by the partner- through an outsource strategy, you reduce the internal stress on employees that can create turnover risk and the need to rehire on the fly and reduce any unemployment impact that you otherwise would experience as an organization.


Improve Service

Outsourcing a portion of your business or a new demand can have significant and immediate impact on the service levels of your overall business. Through outsourcing, you are allowing the focus to remain on your core business. Time is the most valuable factor in maintaining or driving towards success. Protecting your time and the time of your experts through outsourcing new or growing needs allows you and your staff to improve processes towards better efficiency. In turn, a more efficient process will improve the overall quality of service your business provides. Be mindful in the selection process of choosing your outsourcing partner. When selecting a partner who is an expert in the service of your outsourcing need, your guaranteeing a high service level for your customers that will serve as an extension of your business. An expert tip during selection is to choose an outsourcing partner who utilizes software and processes different from your current software and processes, so you can request access to software for testing and use. You may find that these new software and processes can better serve your current business.

Reduce Risk

Since you’re being careful to select outsourcing companies who are only experts in the services you need and they provide, you can be confident that these companies are know and meet the compliance demands of the specific services they will be providing. Taking on a temporary or immediate need yourself, could put potential risk on your business if your HR is not familiar with or scaled appropriately to meet the compliance demands that result. Financial risk comes right alongside of the regulations and compliance requirements of a new or immediate service, as most times, if the compliance requirements are not met, substantial fees can result from local, state, or government laws. Reduce financial risk by turning to an outsource business highly experienced in a specific service. Other risks may be reduced through utilizing an experienced outsource company, such as staff turnover, poor employer reviews, HR complaints, client satisfaction, and a diminished service level.

If your business has not yet utilized an outsource company, for the reasons stated above and more, there is no better time to try than 2020. KO Business Solutions is an experienced outsource company that provides many types of businesses support during the holiday season, including call center support, staffing support, and compliance-related services. We consider ourselves to be an extension of your business – one that you can call on for temporary or immediate projects and needs throughout the year. We work alongside your Human Resources and Operations departments to meet and exceed the service levels of your clients, and since we’re experienced, we’ve devised proven methodologies throughout our offerings to ensure your business receives only the highest of quality. Call us today if you would like to discuss how we can help advance your business forward!