Case Studies

Triage of Customer Call Center

THE PROBLEM: A revenue cycle management company in healthcare, was facing increased demands on their patient services call center. Through growth, inbound call volume increased their average speed of answer service level from a desired 30 second target to over40 minutes during peak times and an
average of 20 minutes. Hiring challenges persisted making the ability to staff, train and deploy agents next to impossible in the time frame necessary to impact the increased volume of calls.

THE SOLUTION: Enter KO Business Solutions. Through our analysis, we determined that close to 50% of the call volume was related to payments or basic demographic changes. These calls on average were 2.5 minutes in duration compared to the overall average handle time of 5 minutes. Through our recruiting team, KO quickly assembled a team of agents with healthcare experience. In combination with our management team, we trained and deployed the agents- managing payment calls on behalf of our client. In less than two business days, we were accepting payment calls from their largest billing client. SLA’s improved immediately. The average speed to answer is 20 seconds. Call abandonment rates dropped from a high of 26% to a current low of 2%. From the inception of our project in February, we have migrated additional clients into the call handling pool assuming the majority of payment calls. This program allowed our client’s representatives to focus on the more complex, time-consuming calls by transitioning a high percentage of calls out of the queues for more immediate handling.

THE RESULTS: Improved inbound call volume average speed of answer service level from average of 20 minutes to 20 seconds. Lowered average call duration time from 5 minutes to 2.5 minutes. Call abandonment rates dropped from a high of 26% to a low of 2%.